Oil and Gas

Al Qudra Holding involvement in the Oil & Gas sector is to focus on the construction of city gas distribution network in Abu Dhabi in line with 2030 plan.

Yas Island

QEnergy built two 16” and 24“steel pipelines as backbone of gas infrastructure and distribution system in Yas Island for Aldar properties including 3 pressure reducing station (1 PPRS and 2 SPRS), the natural gas is being supplied to the, residential, hotels (of Ferrari F1 track race), Ferrari mall, gulf club and all other outlets (Gulf club, Ferrari mall, IKEA), currently operating the network

Saadiyat Island

QEnergy designed and constructed the gas distribution network for Saadiyat Island 1st phase, supplying gas to all residential and hotels in beach resort, expected population in Saadiyat Island around 200,000

Al Reem Island

QEnergy designed the gas distribution network, and built a SNG station (synthetic natural gas) for Shams Abu Dhabi in Reem Island supplying gas to Reem Island and currently operating the gas network distribution system and the SNG station, expected population in Reem Island around 180,000.

Al Raha Beach

QEnergy designed and built the entire gas distribution network for Al Raha beach supplying natural gas to all building in this prestigious development and currently operating the network expected population +200,000.

Danet Abu Dhabi

QEnergy designed and built the gas distribution system for Danet Abu Dhabi, included in the project was construction of the internal piping systems in the building located in Danet Abu Dhabi.

Emarati Housing (Yas Island)

QEnergy designed and built natural gas distribution network for phase 1 of the 500 housing for Emiratis located in Yas Island and currently operating the network.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Q Energy designed and constructed the natural gas distribution network of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi and currently operating and maintaining the network.